Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Beer and Bad Movies

For some time now I've gathered with some folk to watch terrible movies on Friday nights. The worst of the worst. Calling some of these low budget would be doing a disservice to low budget films everywhere. Some of these make the budget of Primer look like LoTR. Of course to tolerate these travesties of film, alcoholic libations are always in order. Often of a much higher grade than the film to be watched.

This past Friday we watched a delectable art piece called Zombies! Zombies! Zombies! - Strippers VS Zombies. Unfortunately, due to the quantity of Joose imbibed on that night I'm having a difficult time remembering the specifics of the film. The cover proclaimed it to be "Laugh out loud", if only because of the ridiculousness of the plot and/or special effects (if one is willing to call cherry juice splashed in good measure a special effect). Though they may have saved all their pennies (literally pennies I assume) for the finale, a Tour de Force of CGI circa 1993 whence the zombies start exploding after biting the man who was the cure.

Overall I give this 2.5 Cans. Not great, not super entertaining. With a couple high powered bottles of Joose and a liberal amount of internal MS3TKing she be entertaining.