Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Call 1-877-4-STEWIE right now. The best phone gag since the Snakes on a Plane dialer.


Monday, October 29, 2007


We're back from Florida. Lots of things to talk about, lots of pictures to post to flickr. Been busy with work since we got back. Nemo says mew.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Always reserve online

We rented a car for the trip to florida and selected the cheapest option
had, economy car. Which is supposed to be a Chevy Aveo. I knew that our local place has very few cars and never had econ cars. They called today said bam u can get a Yukon or a Focus for your econ price. Of course we took the focus but thats like the standard car like 15 bones more a day that we saved by reserving an econ car. Awww yea, lil insurance coverage from State Farm/Discover set kat city. I'll see you all in 10 days. Keep playin those beautiful games. And for the love of Kobal pick up the frackin
for 360 and play some hot Half-Life action

10 Reasons Mitt Romney Sucks

I saw this come across my way a few days ago, passing the jucy info on. I can't say I wrote the reasons but I sure as hell agree with them. Mitt Romney is pretty much one of the worst people I've ever had the pain to know about. The guy is genuinely a grade A douche. Voting for him, and the usual Republican Drivel is literally voting against America. Me, I love America too much to vote Deathpublican. Conservative my butt, try facist. Maybe the Republicans should look conservative up in the dictionary. Oh my, he cut 400 million dollars off of things like social support progams and says hes cutting the fat. We spend 400 million dollars a week in a pointless war in Iraq. Bring our troops home and quit devaluing the dollar by pulling money out of thin air. If he were elected America as we know know and love would cease to exist.......Oh and yea I know there are 11 Reasons, I'm using Bush math. 5+5=Hot Dog

1. He supports torture
: Romney is an outspoken supporter of “enhanced interrogation techniques,” or as the layman calls it, torture.

2. He wants to enlarge Gitmo
: Romney stated at a 2008 Republican primary debate that he would double the size of the prison at Guantanamo Bay if elected president. Would that be before or after he dissolves the Supreme Court, which has ruled that the indefinite detentions of terror suspects at Gitmo was unconstitutional?

3. He supports teen torture camps
: This shouldn’t come as a surprise if you read the two items above. Romney has been
, which has had several lawsuits filed against it alleging that teens were “locked in outdoor dog cages, exercised to exhaustion, deprived of food and sleep, exposed to extreme temperatures without adequate clothing or water, severely beaten, emotionally brutalized, and sexually abused and humiliated. Some were even made to eat their own vomit.”

4. He dodged the draft
: Mitt Romney spent the height of the Vietnam War
in France, thanks to a draft deferment his Mormon handlers gave him as “a minister of religion.”

5. Gun control flip-flopper
: Romney recently changed his opinions on gun control when he realized he would need to suck up to gun owners if he wanted the Republican vote. When endorsing the Brady Bill in 1994, Romney declared it was “
” In August 2006, he

6. He’s a “life-long” hunter
: By which I mean a liar. An NRA cap-wearing Romney told New Hampshire voters that he had been a hunter for “pretty much all” in April 2007. The truth soon came out that Romney had
. If you’re going to suck up to gun owners, at least spare them the BS.

7. He tricked voters with a fake pro-life stance
: Romney ran for US Senate in 1994 pledging to keep abortion ‘’safe and legal in this country.” As a 2002 candidate for governor, Romney said he would not change the state’s abortion laws. He is now running on a pro-life platform. As his top political strategist said in 2005, ”He’s been a pro-life Mormon faking it as a pro-choice friendly.”

8. He uses goons to intimidate his opponents
: The security staff of the Romney campaign is well known for pushing around people they don’t want near their campaign events. They’ve also been placed under investigation for
to make threats illegally stop cars belonging to activists working on behalf of other candidates.

9. His campaign spreads lies about his opponents
: The Romney campaign
in a dirty behind-the-scenes whisper campaign aimed at spreading a lie about John McCain’s views on abortion. If that fails, maybe they’ll claim he fathered black children?

10. He opposes stem cell research
: While governor of Massachusetts, Romney tried to veto a bill that would have promoted stem cell research in the state. Luckily, state legislators were not living in the dark ages, and they overturned his anti-science veto.

11. He abuses animals
: While moving driving his family from Ontario to Boston in 1983, Romney
for the entire drive. WTF?

Thursday, October 11, 2007


Just a note before I leave for teh south "shudder". Spiderweb software is running it's annual sadness sale. When the fall comes it's not a pretty sight in Washington so they run a sale to cheer themselves up. 10% off everything in the Spiderweb store, that includes, discounted bundles, CD's, and hint books. If you've been on the fence about some of the RPG's Jeff Vogel makes, now is your chance to nab a few up at a nifty discount. These games are hella lightweight too, If your computer has been made in the past 10 years you can play these gems. Hell most of them you can probably play on machines made in the past 15 years.

Personally I'm a huge fan of Nethergate, it's got some of the best story around RPG wise. Play as the Romans or the Celts, and get a unique view of the story from each side. Runs on a modified BoA engine which I am a fan of, it's easy to navigate and control via keyboard commands.


Other than that I really dig all the Avernum games, though for whatever reason I tend to like 1-3 a little more. 4 used a new, slightly less retro engine and I tended to like the old Avernum engine. I found it quick for me to navigate with the keyboard commands. Don't get me wrong 4 is still fantastic, but 1-3 for sheer retro content goodness.



I've been plugging through a little bit more of Blue Dragon, but not much. The Fall TV season has picked up and the HD DVR holds about 8 HD 1 hour shows so that's got to be cleared off every couple days. Picked up The Orange Box last night, after a little snafu getting my 5 bones off I was at home playing some hot Portal and Team Fortress 2. This simply has to be the best value in gaming this decade, maybe ever. 5 super hot games, for one low price. Get it 360 style, it looks fantastic, plays smooth. Look me up on the Live, Rakden is my Gamertag.

SD1000 came from amazon yesterday. We wanted something that would fit in a pocket, and as much as I love my A75 in a pocket it doesn't exactly fit. Extra battery and a 2 gig 120X memory card and we are set for the trip to florida. Speaking of trip we are leaving tomorrow for that, I won't be in contact until we get back on the 22. Gaming will be put on hold and Half-LifeCity will be had afterwards. Picking up the car rental tomorrow, and might sign up for Sprint NavGPSCom so we don't get lost.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Alien Hottness

I had the "pleasure" of watching Species IV tonight. Unfortunately I was sober for the experience which was a poorly calculated move on my part. Unless you are a complete Species fanatic, steer clear of this turd burglar. It shares just about nothing with the fantastic pedigree that came before it. Something about a professor chick grown in a lab doesn't know it gets sick has to go to mexico, crazy alien rape ensues. No idea what the hell was going on. While I usually enjoy the B grade shlock on Sci-Fi saturday's this one really didn't do it for me. Not even Star Trek Enterprise's Dominic Keating could bring this one up. Course he had some seriously terrible dialog. "It's time to get your hands dirty" WTF. B grade Shlock needs to be a good time which this was defiantly not. Go watch Escape from New York instead.

I also nabbed Mortal Kombat Trilogy for N64 from a guy on CAG for a song. I had it for the PS1 many many moons ago. Also got a good deal on a SNES cart of Final Fantasy III. Even picked up Breath of Fire II on the ol Wii Virtual Console for 10 bones. Stocked up on RPG's to play for a while

Speaking of which if you are in the mood for some frackin awesome, deep, time consuming retro RPG's Spiderweb Software has you covered. I mention this because while they have very reasonably priced games anyway they are running an October Saddness sale for 10% off everything they offer. Nab yourselves the Avernum or Geneforge Trilogies for a hefty 10% discount. I can't say enough about how great these games are. Yes the graphix are retro, so what I like um that way. The stories are top notch with decent play mechanics. And they run on just about everything made in the past 10 years of computing. Can't go wrong.

There is another Retro Ultima style RPG coming out called Eschlon: Book 1. Looks promising as well.

Ultima, been playing those on the Gametap as well off and on. Something rewarding about these classic RPGs that you had to draw your own maps for. For a paltry 5 bones a month access to just under a thousand games and the Sam and Max games are worth it alone. The Ultimas are playable on the Mac version of the Tap player. It runs most anything except the Windows based games.

Monday, October 1, 2007


I'm considering picking up at some point a Sony STR-DG910. I'm looking for a reasonably priced receiver that will passthrough/convert component/composite sources to HDMI to simplify my living room setup. The STR-DG910 seems to fit the bill. It's got 3 Component inputs and a couple of HDMI's as well that all can pass through to 1 HDMI output. Which is what I need, 360, Wii, PS2 throw down component style to one HDMI bitches be sweet hella style. It looks like it will pass through the audio as well, which is key since I don't have speakers for now, not worth it in my apartment to annoy the neighbors like that. I'm also looking at a couple Onkyo models, but this Sony one seems just as good as them for 50-75 bones less. Does anyone have any experience with his model or any thoughts in general?