Saturday, August 4, 2007

Random Updates

I've been very busy, bit of overtime at work. It's been hectic trying to prep for the new school year and distribute technology resources to an entire new building.

Here's another sample speed test, not terrible, my latency is consistent at about 80-90 ms though, thats kinda dhonky.

The cats have been crazy as ever, I've loaded a fresh batch of photos of them up to Flickr, you can find them

I got a new bookshelf and some new lampshades for some lamps, I'll post photos shortly. The bookshelf was a good deal a 5 shelfer at the low low price of nothing. I'd been talking about getting a new shelf and bam right into my lap.

If anyone is looking for a geeky educational job
It involves integrating technology into the classroom, knowing web design, photography, and a lot of other odds n ends skills for that type of integration.

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