Wednesday, March 10, 2010

IRC in your BBC with the NZB

My IRC needs are meager these days, I don't hang in as many channels as I once did (nor hang in them for reasons I once did). For the better part of a decade I swore by Ircle which, while amazing in the OS 7-9 days, did not make a great jump to OS X. I've been using Colloquy for a couple years but it's development has become stagnant. Linkinus was new kid on the block a couple years ago and I had a license from MacHeist but it was missing too many features I needed in an IRC client. Linkinus has been updated to version 2 and seems to have fixed many of it's original shortcomings. So far I'm not hating it, though it's a little too "OS X'y" for my taste in an IRC client. I think years and years and years of using IRCLE shaped my idea of what an IRC client should be. It's what I'm currently using right now however and I'm not displeased with it. I wish they included instructions for installing an identd service. While I've had one installed for years, I assume most people new to IRC would not know how to track one down.

Are there any other IRC options for Mac that I'm missing? Is Linkinus my best option for the time being? SNAK was never my thing and it's development seems dead in the water.

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