Thursday, September 23, 2010

GoG, ye are a cruel mistress

The buzz was abound the net this weekend about Good Old Games closing. Turns out it was all a PR stunt designed to build buzz on no budget. I suppose in that sense it worked, as they can't keep the site up from traffic right now, and every gaming site (and some non gaming sites) were talking about the abrupt closure. I keep all the exes I buy from them so it wasn't a big deal to me either way, DRM free so there was no concern on my part there. As a business built on fierce consumer loyalty this probably wasn't the best move, but it does show some gusto. The fact is they slapped us in the face and said, we are not corporate troggs, we are gamers like you. Guess what if we shut down, all your exes will work forever.

They did come back with Baldur's Gate so I expect most will forgive their sins.

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