Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Lego Marvel Super Heroes Wii U Rant

I've got a lot of grievances with Lego Marvel Super Heroes on Wii U and now you're gunna hear about them. Ok maybe just one. Or Two. First off, when playing two player either split screen or primary/gamepad mode the frame rate can really really drop bad. Like sub 10 FPS bad. Not too often but it happens.

My primary beef, the beef to end all beefs. Pro controller support. The game supports the pro controller. For the second player. The first player always has to use the gamepad. Always. So in single player you are stuck using the gamepad even though it adds no meaningful functionality to the gameplay at best, and at worst is just plain uncomfortable for this type of game. I might, MIGHT let this slide if they hadn't put the work in to support the pro controller. The second player can play with the pro controller, so the support is already there. I'm struggling to understand why they force you to use the gamepad for single player/first player.

Other games aren't like this. Pac-Man has full Pro Controller support. I can actually play Pac-Man off screen on the gamepad, with the Pro Controller. This is great, someone can be watching TV or whatever and I can pop the gamepad up on a stand, grab the Pro Controller and go at it. Namco, you done good. Travelers Tales. You done not so good.

I want to support Nintendo I really do. And all things considered I don't care what platform I have my lego games on, PS3, Wii U, PC, Mac.... For the type of gameplay Lego games have its to my benefit to have it on a console connected to my TV. But if you are going to make irrational control scheme choices for no good reason on Wii U my hands are kind of tied. To PS3.

Travelers Tales, get it together man!

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