Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Alien Hottness

I had the "pleasure" of watching Species IV tonight. Unfortunately I was sober for the experience which was a poorly calculated move on my part. Unless you are a complete Species fanatic, steer clear of this turd burglar. It shares just about nothing with the fantastic pedigree that came before it. Something about a professor chick grown in a lab doesn't know it gets sick has to go to mexico, crazy alien rape ensues. No idea what the hell was going on. While I usually enjoy the B grade shlock on Sci-Fi saturday's this one really didn't do it for me. Not even Star Trek Enterprise's Dominic Keating could bring this one up. Course he had some seriously terrible dialog. "It's time to get your hands dirty" WTF. B grade Shlock needs to be a good time which this was defiantly not. Go watch Escape from New York instead.

I also nabbed Mortal Kombat Trilogy for N64 from a guy on CAG for a song. I had it for the PS1 many many moons ago. Also got a good deal on a SNES cart of Final Fantasy III. Even picked up Breath of Fire II on the ol Wii Virtual Console for 10 bones. Stocked up on RPG's to play for a while

Speaking of which if you are in the mood for some frackin awesome, deep, time consuming retro RPG's Spiderweb Software has you covered. I mention this because while they have very reasonably priced games anyway they are running an October Saddness sale for 10% off everything they offer. Nab yourselves the Avernum or Geneforge Trilogies for a hefty 10% discount. I can't say enough about how great these games are. Yes the graphix are retro, so what I like um that way. The stories are top notch with decent play mechanics. And they run on just about everything made in the past 10 years of computing. Can't go wrong.

There is another Retro Ultima style RPG coming out called Eschlon: Book 1. Looks promising as well.

Ultima, been playing those on the Gametap as well off and on. Something rewarding about these classic RPGs that you had to draw your own maps for. For a paltry 5 bones a month access to just under a thousand games and the Sam and Max games are worth it alone. The Ultimas are playable on the Mac version of the Tap player. It runs most anything except the Windows based games.

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