Thursday, October 11, 2007


I've been plugging through a little bit more of Blue Dragon, but not much. The Fall TV season has picked up and the HD DVR holds about 8 HD 1 hour shows so that's got to be cleared off every couple days. Picked up The Orange Box last night, after a little snafu getting my 5 bones off I was at home playing some hot Portal and Team Fortress 2. This simply has to be the best value in gaming this decade, maybe ever. 5 super hot games, for one low price. Get it 360 style, it looks fantastic, plays smooth. Look me up on the Live, Rakden is my Gamertag.

SD1000 came from amazon yesterday. We wanted something that would fit in a pocket, and as much as I love my A75 in a pocket it doesn't exactly fit. Extra battery and a 2 gig 120X memory card and we are set for the trip to florida. Speaking of trip we are leaving tomorrow for that, I won't be in contact until we get back on the 22. Gaming will be put on hold and Half-LifeCity will be had afterwards. Picking up the car rental tomorrow, and might sign up for Sprint NavGPSCom so we don't get lost.

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