Monday, December 1, 2008

We built this city on scratchin that itch

I've got the itch again and they don't make a powder for it. It's my yearly World of Warcraft itch. Wrath of the Lich King was recently released which supposedly has a large swath of new quests and more casual content. Heck even the biggins raids come in 10 man varieties. I love the Warcraft universe and the lore within, I'm not into scheduling 15 raids a month to get gear. Burning Crusade didn't add much for the play like me but it sounds like the WOTLK pack does add some great stuff for the player like me. I guess the Death Knight starting quest sequence lays out a fantastic story line. That would probably be enough to keep me entertained for a few weeks. I'll probably pick up a discount copy of WOTLK somewhere and sink my teeth into it during the week off after Christmas.

I'm nearly done with my two graduate classes and I won't be continuing with this program at UW-Platteville. I'm convinced I don't want a masters in Project Management right now and UW-P seems to have some really good professors and really bad professors. For several thousand dollars a class I need an institution that can provide only good professors. I may finish up the Graduate certificate in Project Management since I'd only need another class for that.

As far as class stuff goes I've only got 1 more individual assignment and a group task in PPM7010. These will probably take a couple days to finish up. However I have my graduate research paper to finish for Organizational Behavior which admittedly I have not made much headway on. It's probably going to be a stressful next couple of weeks for me.

After that I have a STACK of games to hit, and cases of BRAWNDO on the way courtesy of Think Geek's free shipping today.

Games on my to play list (and in my currently purchased stack) are

Tales of Vesperia
Fallout 3
Geneforge 5
Geneforge 1-4
Final Fantasy IX
Final Fantasy I
Chrono Trigger DS
Tales Of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World

Also if I make it through that list I might pick up Fable II.

We played another rousing game of Battlestar Galactica last night, you know instead of working on my paper. I have to admit this is shaping up to be one of my favorite games. I like the secret espionage tactics the game employs for the secret Cylon player. The mechanics are relatively simple, at least compared to some of the stuff we play like Starcraft and Arkham Horror. Humanity lost this time.

Hopefully after my classes I'll finish my APRS station and get some horizontally polarized 6 and 2 meter antennas up. I'm probably going to go for a 6 meter wire dipole and a 3 to 5 element yagi for 2 meters.

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