Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Getting on MAX air

Well I've been milling about getting a DC to daylight transceiver but the radio coffers are only around 400 bucks. I've been wanting an IC-706 or IC-746 but there's just not the funds. I managed to snag a FT-767GX with 2/6m and 70cm modules. Exactly the bands I need SSB on. It should be arriving in a few days. This will set back finishing the APRS station for a few weeks but generally this was a deal I didn't want to pass up. I can even get on 10 meters with my current licence so I might poke around on that, try some PSK31 on it or something. I'll post more when it arrives. I've sold the VX-170 to help fund 2 and 6 meter antennas for this rig. I'll probably pick up a cheap 2/440 mobile at some time to keep up with the local repeaters and to monitor 146.520 after the APRS station is finished. Then should have the shack set for some time, at least until a house is bought and basement modified for shacking and gaming activities.

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