Tuesday, October 14, 2008

SSB 6 and 2

I may have a bead on a Mac Mini that needs some slight repair to go in the radio shack so may have a computer up there shortly.

I don't remember if I mentioned but I'll be connecting my Icom IC-28H to a Byonics TinyTrak4. I'll probably use an SMA adapter to hook the IC-28H the MR77 on the cookie sheet and I'll adapt the J-pole for use with my VX-170 which is functioning as my main 2 meter radio right now. I usually keep the 170 scanning a few local repeaters and 146.52 and 146.58 simplex.

While talking to the old men in Newton on the repeater is fine I'm looking for a little more excitement out of my radio experience. Though I did strike up a nice QSO for a few with a fella on I-80 heading to Wyoming from New Jersey.

Anyway after the APRS project I'm looking to get into 2 and 6 meter SSB and that will probably be the extent of my radio projects until I buy a house.

For 6 Meters I'm saving my pennies for the Ranger 5054 DX. I will probably couple this with a KU4AB horizontal loop. This is probably the best for my limited space in the attic area for antennas. For 2 meter at some point if I can't find an old 2 meter all mode or Ranger doesn't come out with one I'll probably get the MFJ-9402. Again I'll either tie this probably to a KU4AB loop, maybe dual loops with a phasing harness for extra gain. I'm probably going to get the 6 meter radio first though because there are more options for cross country and international DX opportunities.

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