Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Apple Tax

The company meanwhile continues to criticize Apple for its alleged "Apple tax," a higher retail cost for computers which otherwise have the same specifications as a Windows system. In an e-mail sent to journalists this week, Microsoft argues that a low-end Mac mini is approximately 16 percent ($100) more costly than an equivalent PC, while a low-end iMac is 25 percent ($300) more expensive.

I'm getting a little tired of people citing this non existent "Apple" tax. That's like saying hey fool, you paid $16K for a corolla when you could have paid $12K for an Aveo. You got suckered by the Toyota tax. You know what's cheaper than a machine running windows. An EEE Box running Linux so why doesn't Microsoft tell us about the Microsoft Tax.

There's a lot of things that cost more in cold hard cash than other things. It's called competition, and it's actually a good thing. I'll stand by that for the average user, and likely a number of professionals, the Total Cost of Ownership is significantly lower.

Microsoft is just whiny that Apple can command such a price for premium products. Make a good product with moderately decent support, and guess what. People might want to buy it!!!! A novel concept. Microsoft should spend more time fixing Windows 7 and less time being whiny kids. But MOM...... Apple's MOM gave him more market share this quarter than you gave me. Microsoft, go to your room with out profit this quarter.

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