Saturday, January 3, 2009

Cash Scam

So MBS Direct, UW Extention's online bookstore which whom I purchased my books for the semester sent me an email. Sell back with us, get more money. I'm like aight, I don't need them anymore (Not continuing with the terribly managed program at UW-P, plus I can't take D2L much more, I'll post more on this exchange at a later date) so I click on the link, I'm not expecting much money but for the convenience I'll sell back to you guys. Click the link, log into my account, bam it says we are currently not buying any of your books. Thanks, not only are you not buying them but you tards sent me an email telling me to sell them back. Ugh.

I've listed them on cheap, hopefully I can unload them for at least beer money. I think all of them are going into new editions in a few months which is why they probably are not buying them. Textbooks are such a CASHEsCaMe

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