Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Command & Conquer 3

We went to Jordan Creek Mall and Target tonight to get a few halloween decorations. Got some LED orange and purple lights, as well as some indoor things. We lost most of our halloween decs to mold via a broken snowglobe in the fall decorations tote. Swung by the apple store to grab C&C3. Bought a couple copies of it and some ipod in ear headphones. It's crazy now, no checkouts. You just find a guy and he scans your shit n pulls a bag out of his butt. Literally. Emailed me the receipt. Crazy. C&C is copying right now, 6 friggin gigs, must be all thems videos. Nemo just dropped a bomb mega style. Oh lord, the whole apartment Nemo has stunk up. Enjoy a shot of my new C&C3.

Pasted Graphic

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