Thursday, September 27, 2007

I'm talkin marty mcsupa fly

I see there is a new TNG Complete series set out now for a discounted price with all new bonus features. That's gotta grind all those folks that dropped $120+ on each season when they first came out. That's the way of the media company's, and the commercial world I suppose. I'd like to see them sell the new features on a disk for those who already own the items. Lotta them would probably be willing to pay 10-20 bucks for them. The new set is a sliver over 300 bones at amazon, I'd like to see it at 250 or less to interest me though. At that price I'd consider it, being a TNG fan. I've been considering picking up DS9 at some point since it's dropped below 300 for the whole shebang so I'm hoping now they will release a DS9 complete set. DS9 is probably some of the best TV ever, full of drama and action. I can watch that shit every night. Something I'd actually get my money's worth out of owning.

I see now there is also a Stargate SG-1 complete series set which seems to be more reasonably priced at around 230 bones, and that's for 10 seasons vs. 7 in the trek set. Defiantly a lotta entertainment in that bundle. After Deep Space Nine, Stargate is probably third best TV after Battlestar Galactica. Speaking of BSG, Razer is coming up. A two hour tv movie to bring us into the 4th season, well actually it's set in a separate time period but will flesh out some of the Pegasus story. Battlestar Galactica Season 1 is releasing on HD-DVD this December and I'll be first in line to pick one of those up, and by line I mean pre-ordered on Amazon since they tend to have the best prices and free super awesome shipping. But man, BSG in HD is drool worthy. Rumor is if Razer does well, they are going to green light a 2 hour pilot movie for Caprica, a prequel show to Battlestar.

Is anyone else stoked about the Orange Box like I am, I have Half-Life 1 for PS2, and rented 2 for the Xbox but never finished it. For 55 bones get updated Half-Life 2, and episodes 1 and 2, and Portal, and Team Fortress 2. That's a hell of a lot of entertainment for very few bones. 1UP says the new 360 version is the definitive version of Half-Life 2, looks fantastic, plays smooth as butta on the muffin. Again, I know you suckers like playin FPS games all cramped up on your desks but I'll take it on the big screen any day kickin back on the comfie couch. Tuned well, console FPS games are just as accurate as with the carpal tunnel inducing Keyboard and Mouse set up and a hell of a lot more fun. Sorry kids, that's how it rollskatcity.

T-minus under a month for trip to Universal Studioskatcity.

I caught the death, damn kids comin from all over the world to Grinnell, prolly brought back SARS again from cuba or something. Since I'm in almost every building during the week, I get exposed to all the fanwuboulous germs theys spreadin around.

Go Mike Gravel.

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