Friday, September 7, 2007


I'm about halfway through BioShock, it's just such an engrossing, visceral experience. Simply an amazing game. Hard to understand how the minority of folks think its not a good game. Clearly they haven't actually played it. When I'm done with it I might play it through again to rescue the lil sisters and get the "good" ending.

Picked up
, and
today at the local Lamestop. In this one's defense the guy and gal in there never harass me about anything, and are usually pretty up to day on their gaming news. The one in Marshalltown is typical LameStop push push push. Blue Dragon is a classic J-RPG from the masters of the Genre. Hironobu Sakaguchi, the original creator of Final Fantasy has crafted this tale. Should be good.

Harry Potter is for Rakdette, no interest in it myself.

Galactic Civilizations, well I've swooned over it for some time but I tend not to buy Windows games so I never picked it up. In light of the recent BioShock RootKit/DRM fiasco I took it apon myself to reward a company (Stardock) that not only made a great game but threw conformity to the wind and released it like it used to be, just a simple serial code and you don't even have to have the disk in. I also dropped them a letter praising them for their pro-consumer stance and also requested Mac support in future endeavors. They wrote back quickly thanking me for my letter and hoped I would enjoy the game. Of note, the 360 version of the game is the superior version, no DRM, and controls smooth as butta. And I can trade off the game when I'm done vs. the DRM fatality of the Windows version. Which I will be trading it off on

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