Wednesday, November 5, 2008

America the Great

America has elected it's 44th president, Barack Obama. Was he my first pick. No. Will he be an effective leader. Yet to be seen. Is he a charismatic who will bridge divides, heals political wounds, and tip this country's collective chin upward in hope and dreams. Absolutely. And isn't that what we really need in these trying times, the hope and dreams of a better world? Not the negative nonsense the republicans were trying to push. We're mavericks, America is being attacked by every angle, blah blah blah. This election proved that as a collective we won't be bullied by the rich and wrangled by fear and destruction. 

John McCain, this great nation owes you it's thanks and gratitude for your continuing service. I don't think for one second that you've ever thought of anything but bolstering America for the future. And for that we thank you. However, you weren't the person to lead this nation into a new generation of prosperity, and America knew it and voted accordingly. We're in a transition to brand new day, and I hope Republicans, Democrats, and everyone in between will band together to support America in this pivotal moment in history to persevere and maintain the values, civil liberties, and opportunities this great nation has always represented.

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