Thursday, November 20, 2008

Spin Cycle - High

I was webdrifting a bit last night instead of doing homework or playing with the pretty neat NXE update and came by this little gem. Seriously, a fucking fryer with a spin cycle. This is the economy my tax dollars are supposed to prop up. Spin the fat out. Jesus George at least your grill was moderately useful for a quick burger. This is just. I need whiskey.

In other news the NXE update has grown on me, other than half the frames are trying to plug some digital download this or that it's damn slick. I like how they crammed all the old blades into the guide button. I mean you can literally navigate the whole shebang from the guide button now or drop into the admittedly slick new interface. Netflix functionality is nice, I was hoping to move the Roku unit upstairs but apparently Netflix has to license content per device, not globally for the watch now service which is how I assumed it would be. As is no sony pictures content is playable on the Xbox. Way to be jerks Sony. Also my First Party Remote is missing functionality that the controller currently has. With the controller you can use the bumpers to page through your qqqq but with the remote you have to go item by item. I've filed a bug report to see if they can't fix this with a patch. Heroes HD looked pretty sweet and didn't choke on my 6 meg connection.

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