Friday, November 21, 2008

Must be Christmas, the cashescams are in full swing.

Wii Logitech Cordless Keyboard.

50 Bucks for a Nintendo sanctioned wireless keyboard for your Wii. The same Wii that will accept your 5 dollar USB keyboard just fine. Now I'm a person that's willing to spend on a decent peripheral but 50 bucks for a cordless keyboard. And it uses a dongle and not Wii built in Bluetooth. 35 bucks tops for this thing. You know, a couple bones more than a controller maybe. This is the same 2.4ghz technology that Logitech sells here

for 30 bucks. But hey it's christmas kids, go WHAHHHHH WHHHHHAHHHH WHHAHHHHHHHH gimme gimme gimme.

But I'm the grumpy old Humbug cuz I won't buy anything for any family, I just bought 4 kids coats for the winter, sponsored a poor family to buy sock and some other nececcites for christmas, and donated a few bones to Childs Play. I'm the humbug because I don't need anything, you don't need anything, plenty of people do need something and I'm willing to let them get it before you and I do. I'm the humbug. Take yer Christmas Society and shove it up yer rear. I'll be waiting for you @ Wintereenmas.

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