Wednesday, November 12, 2008

So I went to see a Doctor in Mexico

So a couple weeks ago I went to see my doctor about snoring. He referred me to a specialist from Iowa City. He proceeded to stuff a 12 inch camera down my nose to, you know, do whatever doctors that stick cameras down your nose do. I don't recommend this as it is incredibly painful. Anyway he's decided my uvula is rather large, no shit, and that I have a lump on my larynx. Enter this past Friday where he scheduled a Direct Larponscopy with a biopsy. Got to spend muh whole friday in Iowa City at the hospital.

Pasted Graphic

Things I learned.

It is hard to find a vein in my thick skinned hand. This causes much pain as they root around several times for blood flow.

When they don't find a vein somehow I still bleed gallons.

I don't like shots in the ass.

I have a small mouth that is difficult to get multiple surgical instruments in, thus causing chipping of teeth.

I like hydrocodone.

After all this I'm no farther on the snoring equation than I was before. I have a sleep study this sunday in Iowa City. Then a couple more appointments after that. Then they'll decide what we can do for treatment, be it a cpap machine, lazering bits, whatever. I read the lazering is not fun. As in 3 weeks of soft food not fun.

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