Sunday, July 15, 2007

Cache Cache Baby

We went geocaching around 4 today and hit a few Caches. First one was over in Rock Creek Park. It was a pretty easy find. We left a Wii Rock sticker and took a red car. Next one we hit was under a bridge. I saw the cache under the bridge but I didn't think that was it because it was way up under there, well come to find out it was actually the cache. We'll have to go back this week and hit it up. The last one we hit tonight was over at Arbor Lake. This one took us a while. It turns out that the cache is about 80-90 feet North West of the stated coordinates. Normally you'll find the cache within 20 feet of stated coordinates based on GPS sensitivity and where someone was holding the unit when they took down the numblers. Took us a half hour to find this one after the half mile trek up the trail to find it. It was pretty muggly back in the swampy woods with this one. Overall a good caching day hopefully we'll get going again sometime soon. It's been like a year since we last went, you'll see our cache count on the badge to the right isn't very high. I'm hoping we can hit 20 before the summer is over.

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