Saturday, July 21, 2007


is an artist that's been doing some covers and other things for a while. Recently he did a song a week for a year. That was pretty neat. He's been available on itunes and some other services but as I think the current prices for music are rather high even at a buck a song(its an ok price not great) plus he's not available on DRM free Itunes plus yet.. I stumbled on his music at a service called
. This service lets you pay more or less per song or album. I chose 7.50, it netted him 4 bucks about and 3ish for the
people. It shows you on the scale exactly how much the artist gets and the
cut. The more you pay the more the artist gets. Essentially after a certain point
keeps their cut and keep giving the rest to the artist. So check them out and of course this fantastically creative artist. The songs are 192kbit DRM free .mp3 files, well thats the recommended size artists can submit in higher or lower bitrates.

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