Thursday, July 26, 2007

They wern't drinking hooch.

All this time I thought my 80 bucks a month for 768/256 DSL was going to buy hooch at the bar next to the telco but it turns out they were in fact investing the money. I checked
website yesterday to my surprise they had bumped up their packages and it was cheaper than I was currently paying. I stopped in this morning on my way to the post and requested the new faster cheaper 1.5 meg package, she said she thought I was on the new OCCAM trunk so shouldn't be a problem. That's good because they have a DSLAM at my apartment building that was full when we moved here and I bet they didn't upgrade it. I get home tonight after a long day of work and my net seemed fast, my speed monitors were indicating my net to be going WAYTOHOT, to my wonderment a speed test showed that indeed I was approaching the 1.5 meg barrier. Ping is around 120 which is normal for here (outrageous but normal). I think the ping stems from the

a. shoddy lines around here.
b. PC partner leases its lines from Iowa Telecom so there's extra hops in between that needn't be. I think fiber runs from Kellogg to Gilman to Newton.

Anyway I'm pretty tickled to see my net up to par and 10 bucks cheaper now only 70 bucks a month for twice the speed. Still outrageous but fairly less outrageous.

You'll note that Pc Partner doesn't even show up as the ISP on On DSL reports it shows as though.

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