Sunday, July 22, 2007

Goozex Amps It Up

Just when I thought Goozex couldn't get any hawter they amp it up a notch. For posting in a thread with photos of my
they are sending me a T-Shirt and a free copy of
, which I had on my request list. I recently purchased a Polo, T-shirt, and some magnets but more is always better. These guys are fantastic, once before when I had helped them net and ban a scammer on the system they tossed me 20 free trade credits. They run good promos for new users and are trying hard to support the current users with some promos and freebies as well. I can't speak highly enough about this service, sure there are a few bad apples, and a few scammers but by and large it's a fantastic community dedicated to low cost gaming. By my estimate based on the games I've sent and recieved and on current trade in values at
they have saved me over $375. Thats a lotta dough. If you're interested use my
, with your first active trade it will net you 5 free trades and 100 points. Click
to sign up with Goozex now. There are some other promos floating around at different sites as well such as
, but in general they are all worth about the same.

In other news I don't mean to spoil any secrets but on p.323 of Harry Potter Dumbledore comes back as a Woman Walrus. No foolin.

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