Saturday, July 14, 2007


The Xbox 360 premium and elite provide a superior package of online and gaming and HD in the box that you buy. The PS3 costs 100-200 dollars more with a far shittier online experience and no HD in box. Thats right composite cables in box. Microsoft gives you component in the prem and HDMI and component in the elite box. I say while HD is nice, it's not the superior defining factor of the PS3 vs. 360 fight, and that the superior global online experience offered by MS is the defining factor in this generation.

So slightly handicapped friend thus states that Sony has no reason to include HD compatible cables with the PS3 because I say it's not the defining factor of this generation. Well but Sony is charging 100-200 more than MS with a shoddy online system and no HD. SO you get both for less with MS. How is that a deal for the PS3. Friend can only state circular logic that because I say HD is not the defining factor of the xBox 360s superiority that thus the PS3 shouldn't have HD cables in the box. Again I would state that that would be fine if it offered something else better. Hmm shoddy online, no HD. Microsoft superior online+HD. Seems like an easy answer to me. Unfortunately individual doesn't understand simple logic. *sigh*

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