Thursday, July 19, 2007

Mugs Galore!

I arrived home the other day to find a note on my door from UPS stating that they had delivered a package. Hmmm I didn't order anything I didn't think. It said they left it at 3B, in the other friggin side of the building. Thanks UPS, for leaving my package in the locked side of the other building. Really, I appreciate it. Anyway I go bug the fella for my package and it says Boston Lager glasses on the box. I'm like WTF is this, It can't be beer glasses can it? Did I order beer glasses drunk? I haven't been drunk for a while, did I order this a long time ago? I get in and open er up and low and behold it's really 2 Sam Adams Lager glasses. Apparently Beer Advocate and the Boston Beer Company joined forces to send these new Slovenian crafted glasses to all Founding Members of Beer Advocate Magazine, which I am. It's a fantastic magazine by the way, if you like a good beer, you should really check it out. Anyway there's a bunch of hullaballo about how it makes your beer taste better but at any rate they are neat looking glasses and for free I'm not gunna complain. It came with a letter from the CEO about how they appreciate us beer connoisseurs and would like us to be the first to try their new glasses, on them.


Next up is a mega ebay beef. So I ordered some perfume that is now out of production that my wife likes. It was a reasonable price with free shipping so I bought 3 of them at the same time. Shit you'd think I'm doing this person a favor you know ordering 3 they can toss them in the same package save shipping make some more moolah. A couple days later I get a note in the mail saying I have a package at the post and that I owe 6 dollars postage on it within 2 days or it will be returned to sender. I'm like this better be some joke A. why the fruck do I owe postage and B. thats not very long to pick it up. No joke, the frackin sender threw the 3 bottles of perfume in the mail with no frackin postage. It somehow made it all the way to me for me to pay for postage. That's not my idea of free shipping. Needless to say negative feedback will be left if the user doesn't paypal me 6 bucks back. Heres a shot of the package as you can see it says liquid which is great but there's no postage at all. Friddly frack. Saw harry pothead in the Omnidome IMAX, however apparently Omnidomes don's show 3D which was kinda lame, but frack that was a big freack screen. I could count the pores on Harry's face. Cost me a bundle, 24 bucks for tickets and 4 bucks for parking damn science center. Sister is coming down this weekend we're thinking of checking out that new place in Des Moines In Play, big bar/arcade/resturant for megadultsgames. baby.

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